Why Bodø should be on your Norwegian travel bucket list

Blog 5 ways a travel gift card makes the best Christmas present
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Date: 28 November 2022

5 ways a travel gift card makes the best Christmas present


“Just what I wanted! Thank you so much!” That’s what we all want to hear on Christmas Day. Give your loved ones a Norwegian gift card this year, and that response is practically guaranteed.

A travel gift card from Norwegian lets you put a dream trip under the Christmas tree. You choose the amount, the lucky recipient chooses the destination.

Here we give you five reasons why giving the gift of an unforgettable travel experience is the best present this Christmas.

1. It will last forever

Two women look at Christmas display through a window

Give your loved ones a holiday to remember this Christmas

Scratching your head before Christmas? What on earth can I give someone whose wardrobes are full to the brim? Who needs a new blanket for the sofa, or a new vase on the table?

Or, on the other hand, what do we give someone who doesn’t have that much? If you have to count every penny to make ends meet, a fun outing is probably not something you feel you can afford.

So, why not give your nearest and dearest something that will keep them smiling long after the festive season is over? As the saying goes, ‘travelling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer’.

Memories last, things don’t. If you give someone a flight gift card, you’re telling them that you want them to enjoy themselves, to live, dream and get the most out of life. Better than a pair of socks, right?

2. You decide the amount you want to give

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Gift cards don’t have to cover the full cost of a flight ticket, they can be used as partial payment, too

A travel gift card is always a welcome present. OK, you might not be able to treat your niece to a trip around the world, but a gift card can certainly help her on her way.

Plus, a Norwegian gift card doesn’t need to cover the cost of the entire journey; you decide how much you want to give. Perhaps another close relative will also make a contribution to your niece’s dream trip, or maybe she’ll make up the difference herself.

3. It’s shareable

Couple hugging and looking at stalls in a Christmas market

Giving someone a travel gift card means giving them the opportunity to share their experience

A travel gift card doesn’t just mean a present for one person. You can give your friends or family the chance to share an amazing experience together.

Put it this way, what sounds better: a book on arctic animals to be read and handed over to your mum’s friend when she’s done, or CashPoints towards a trip to northern Norway so they can see some real winter wildlife together?

How about this season’s must haves for your sister, or flights to Stockholm so you can shop ‘til you drop as a team?

4. It’s flexible

Couple in Premium Seats

Norwegian gift cards can be spent on other Norwegian’s services like seat reservations

Another great thing about a gift card from Norwegian is that the recipients themselves decide how to use the gift. In that respect, it’s satisfaction guaranteed. The gift cards can be used to pay for flights to any of Norwegian’s destinations on any day of the year, with no blackout dates. It doesn’t get any more versatile than that.

Norwegian fly to hundreds of destinations worldwide, so there are plenty to choose from.

What’s more, gift cards don’t just pay for flights. They can also be used to enhance a trip with a number of other Norwegian services, like seat reservations, checked baggage and pre-ordered meals on board. So even if you decide to spend a smaller amount, you can still rest assured that your flight gift card will be much appreciated.

5. It’s easy to buy and easy to use

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Gift cards are super simple to buy and give

Norwegian gift cards can be easily ordered online and are payable with credit or debit cards. The card itself will be sent to you by email in the form of a PDF, so you can also add a personal message and forward it to your recipient, or print it out and place it under the Christmas tree.

There’s plenty of time to decide what to buy with a Norwegian gift card, as it’s valid until the end of the year in which it was purchased and for a further 12 months after that. The value of the gift card is given in Norwegian Reward’s own currency, CashPoints.

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Why Bodø should be on your Norwegian travel bucket list