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Blog How to get more CashPoints: 10 insider tips
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Date: 30 June 2020

How to get more CashPoints: 10 insider tips


It doesn’t take as long as you might think to save up enough Norwegian CashPoints for a dream trip.

But to speed up the process, follow these 10 tips on how to boost your CashPoint balance.

1. First things first: CashPoints on flights

Man coming out of a Norwegian aircraft carrying a bag

Earn CashPoints every time you fly Norwegian

This might seem like a no-brainer, but many people forget to enter their Reward Number when booking flights. Make sure you do it! It’s a quick and easy way to earn CashPoints.

LowFare tickets are the most affordable, and the basic earning from them is 2% CashPoints, but if you get a Flex ticket, you’ll not only have all the benefits of flying Flex (two checked bags, Fast Track at selected airports and more), you’ll also get 10% CashPoints!

Find out more about earning CashPoints on Norwegian flights.

2. Retroclaim your missing CashPoints

Norwegian plane flying over a field

Make sure you don’t miss out on any CashPoints and retroclaim up to 30 days after your flight. Photo: © Jørgen Syversen

This is a simple trick. If you did forget to enter your Reward Number when you bought your Norwegian flights, or perhaps someone else booked the trip for you, there’s still a chance to collect your CashPoints. You can claim missing CashPoints from your trip up until 30 days after your departure.

Extra Reward tip: Even if you weren’t a member of Norwegian Reward at the time of booking your flights, you can still retroclaim your CashPoints!

3. Turn your trips into another trip

Woman driving a car with another woman in the passenger seat

Turn your trips into another trip with Norwegian Reward

There are loads of ways to earn CashPoints, not just on flights. Norwegian Reward’s list of partners is constantly growing, so make sure when you book your travel, you maximise your CashPoint earnings by taking advantage of all the services on our website for each step of your journey.

For example, you could choose a hotel from over 650,000 properties around the world, book your airport parking and transfers to/from the airport at your destination, or pre-book your rental car.

You could even add a touch of affordable luxury to your journey and reserve a VIP airport lounge or save time on your trip and pre-book your skip-the-line tickets to the top sights and attractions in your destination. The possibilities are endless, and they all give you CashPoints!

4. Check out the Reward eShop

Two women having coffee and buying on the Reward eShop

The Reward eShop is a good way to turn your everydays into holidays

Think how much money you spend on online shopping over the course of a year. So why not get something back from it?

The Reward eShop has over 1,000 online stores, including top brands, major department stores and supermarkets, where you can earn CashPoints on every purchase. Plus, they regularly have offers and discount codes just for Reward members.

Examples of stores: Just Eat, John Lewis, Argos, Marks and Spencer, Sky, ASOS, Apple and more.

5. Follow us on social media

Various social media icons on a blue background

Check out our social channels and don’t miss out on extra CashPoint offers

We often have new partners, discounts and promotions at Reward and one of the best ways to learn about them is to follow Norwegian on social media.

Limited-time, extra CashPoint deals on brand new partners are a favourite of ours, so you could snap up a boost in your balance just by being one of the first to see these offers.

6. Create a Family Account

A family waits at the airport to board a Norwegian flight

The Reward Family Account allows you to earn and use CashPoints with family and friends

Do you often travel with your partner, family or close friends? Create or join a Family Account so you can earn and spend points with others.

Everyone can collect CashPoints, even children, but in order to earn them on flight tickets, you must remember to enter the Reward Number of every person travelling when you make the booking, not just your own.

The whole family’s points will be pooled in one account so that they can be used together to pay for your next trip.

Extra Reward tip: If you have kids under 16 years old, you can set up Child Accounts, so you can easily manage their Reward memberships without the need for separate email addresses for them.

7. Read our emails

Man lying on bed drinking a hot drink while reading emails on a laptop

Get exclusive discounts and special offers in our newsletters

One of the major perks of being a Reward member is that you get to receive exclusive discounts on Norwegian flights and extra CashPoint deals on tickets. We send you these by email, so it’s crucial you keep an eye out for us in your inbox to take advantage of them (and get a one-up on non-members!).

What’s more, we send you monthly promotions from our partners, so there are lots of opportunities to bag a great deal, as we only select the best offers for our emails.

Remember, you can always access your communication settings in your Reward profile and decide how many emails you’d like to receive each month. We really don’t want to spam you any more than you want to be spammed!

8. Take part in competitions

Three examples of previous competitions on a grey background

Keep an eye out for competitions where you can win CashPoints and other prizes

Who says you can’t earn CashPoints and have fun at the same time? Alongside partners and collaborators, we run competitions and campaigns that allow you to win CashPoints, and more often than not, the prizes are enough for a return flight to the destination of your dreams!

From plane-spotting to pic-posting, take a look at our past competitions, and watch out for more.

9. Play Norwegian Reward’s Advent Calendar games

Christmas Countdown logo

You could win CashPoints every day with Norwegian’s Christmas Countdown

Count down to Christmas with our Advent calendar.

Behind each window you open in the run-up to Christmas, you’ll find a really good, super time-limited offer where you can earn extra CashPoints with partners or on flights.

Plus, there’s a CashPoint raffle every day, with a massive prize to be won in the main draw at the end, so you have plenty of chances to grab some easy CashPoints.

10. Get Rewards: +2% CashPoint boost

Rewards are our frequent flyer perks, and getting your hands on them is really easy, because you only need to fly six times in a year to earn one Reward – and stopovers count!

The first Reward you get after you’ve taken six flights is a +2% CashPoint boost. You can use it every time you fly for a whole year.

After you’ve taken another six flights, you can choose which Reward you get next, like free Fast Track or free seat reservation. But you can also choose +2% CashPoint boost again. And again. And again. In fact, you can collect up to five of these CashPoint boost Rewards, which each have unlimited use for 12 months. That’s a whole lotta CashPoints!


Visit Norway’s epic Pulpit Rock as seen on Mission: Impossible - Fallout