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2 men on bikes contemplating the mountain view
Date: 30 May 2022

6 adventures to experience in Montenegro


Montenegro is a small but biodiverse country with a lot of fun adventures for families and adrenaline lovers alike.

The perfect blend of mountains in the north and the sea in the south makes for a wide variety of things to do for travellers of all ages.

Here we give you some fantastic ways to get the most out of your trip to Montenegro.

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1. Tara Canyon – zip line and rafting

People in a red raft on Tara canyon
Rafting along the Tara River is a breathtaking experience. Photo © Meanderbug

Montenegro’s Tara Canyon is the deepest canyon in Europe and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

At 1,050 meters in length, the longest zip line in the country can be found here. This short yet thrilling adventure offers a spectacular view of the canyon and the river.

Another way to explore the Tara Canyon is to raft it. Surprisingly, the area around the famous Djurdjevica Bridge is rather calm and fitting for families. But if a thrilling adrenaline rush is more your style, then rafting Tara River in Scepan Polje is for you!

2. Hiking

Two women and two men sitting  facing the view of Biogradska Gora National Park
Have a break after hiking in Biogradska Gora National Park and take in the mountain view. Photo © Meanderbug

The mountainous terrain rich with glacial lakes and forests makes Montenegro a perfect destination for hiking. Hiking in the remote northern areas is especially rewarding as you get to see the quiet areas far from the crowded tourist hotspots.

Hiking in Biogradska Gora National Park is incredibly fulfilling as it offers so many glacial lakes and forests on its routes.

Local tip: There are many hidden gems to discover in Biogradska Gora National Park, such as the peaks of Bjelasica, and the nearby Pesic and Ursulovacko lakes.

Trails in Durmitor have become popular recently and, while you may not be alone, you can still enjoy the views of four of the larger glacial lakes including Black Lake. If you’re up for a more advanced hike, go for Planinica instead of the well-known Bobotov Kuk. It’s a much safer and better hike.

Prokletije is the youngest national park in the country and has yet to be popularised. The hike to Hrid Lake is family-friendly and offers stunning views.

Komovi is a local nature park that does not get as many visitors. The trails here are more advanced and you should come prepared for a challenge.

3. Fly fishing

A view of the mountain and a man fly fishing in the river
Montenegro is the perfect destination for fly fishing lovers. Photo © Meanderbug

Fly fishing in Montenegro is spectacular: you’re out in nature, surrounded by tall mountain peaks, and often, incredible views.

In July 2019, Montenegro was the host of the European Fly Fishing Championship which gathered 20 international teams that competed in the Lim and Ljuca rivers, as well as Lake Plav. This area is considered to be the best in the country for fly fishing. Common species are grayling and trout, with the possibility of catching a Danube salmon during its season.

Other fly fishing regions include Durmitor and rivers and streams in the central region.

4. Canyoning in the Old Town Bar

A person climbing down a river canyon
Canyoning at Old Town Bar is an adrenaline-fuelled activity that you won’t forget. Photo © Meanderbug

Old Town Bar is an important archaeological site and the most authentic old town in the country.

Canyoning is a fun and exciting activity that even families visiting Montenegro with children can do together. Using slides and ropes, you get to navigate through the rocks and swim in the river as part of your canyoning experience. There are also advanced-level options for those looking for a more extreme adventure.

5. Mountain biking

Two men on bikes facing the mountain view
Montenegro’s magnificent landscapes attact mountain bikers from all over the world. Photo © Meanderbug

Dynamic and challenging trails make mountain biking a spectacular activity in Montenegro. Even though the existing trails consist of fire roads, single, and asphalt roads, the trails take you through the most picturesque areas of the country.

Break up your adventure with stops at the local huts or katuns (see below) so you can have the full Montenegrin experience.

6. Stay at a katun

A high mountain village at sunset
Staying in a katun is a great way of immersing yourself in the local culture. Photo © Meanderbug

Katuns are part of the unique cultural heritage of Montenegro, as well as historically the birthplace of the nation. Katuns are villages found high in the mountains where locals take their cattle during the summer months for pasture.

Staying in a katun is a unique way to experience the Montenegrin culture and hospitality. In many ways, for that brief period, it feels like living in another era.

One way to get the most out of your stay is to hike along the Katun Road staying in different huts. This impressive hike in one of the least explored areas of Montenegro includes overnight stops at different katuns in the region, and provides a great way to help locals and travellers connect.

Ready to go?

These are six adventures we selected but Montenegro has a lot more to offer. If you need local expertise in helping you plan a customised holiday in Montenegro, download the app from Meanderbug, a company promoting sustainable tourism with a local feel.

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